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San Francisco empty leg flights

The Bay Area is a focal point for luxury and executive aviation on the Pacific Coast—it’s one of the wealthiest regions in the United States, and home to Silicon Valley, the world’s de facto tech capital.

LA, Vegas, and Seattle are popular domestic routes to/from the Bay Area, and planes are constantly being repositioned to perform transpacific flights to financial markets in Southeast Asia, or to tropical getaways in Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, or Bora Bora.

The majority of the traffic is handled through SF, Oakland, or San Jose, but dozens of airports and hundreds of transient aircraft are available within 100 miles to create flexible empty leg deals for private jet travelers.

If you’re looking for empty legs to San Francisco, or transient planes flying out of the Bay Area, let us connect you with the best deals available with an empty leg from San Francisco Jet Charter. Give us a call 24 hours a day at +1-888-987-5387 for more information on how you can save 20%, 30%—up to 50% (or more) on the cost of private jet charters in the Bay Area!

How are Empty Legs made?

Thousands of charter planes fly back and forth across the country every day, with hundreds of jets and props operating out of the SF Bay Area. As flights are booked, aircraft schedules are created, and one-way flights or trips with multiple stops may require an aircraft to re-position to another airport. This creates an empty leg, where flights take-off without any passengers, and only the flight crew on the plane.

They’re most often created when a one-way flight is booked from point A to point B, and the plane needs to return to point A. The cost for the return leg is typically included in the one-way price. For example: a one-way flight is booked from Phoenix to SF, and the clients pays for the return flight to Phoenix.

If you’re looking for a deal on a private flight to Phoenix, Los Angeles, or even San Diego, we can arrange for your flight from the Bay Area, dropping you off at your destination before the plane arrives back in Phoenix. Booking empty legs allow flexible travelers to save anywhere between 20 and 75 percent off the cost of private air travel!

Find an Empty Leg in the SF Bay Area

While the savings can be huge, availability and access to these deals are limited, and are sometimes falsely advertised to get your attention. If an operator markets their empty legs, they’re only showing you the transient planes in their fleet. And, they’re still more interested in turning a profit than saving you money.

How do you gain access to all of the transient jets and turboprops available across the charter market? Find the best deals on empty legs to/from San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley, and all regions of the SF Bay Area by giving us a call!

Our systems allow us to search all of the private planes available for your flight, locating empty aircraft at incredible rates that match your routing, and your budget. Business jets to New York, luxury charter flights to Vegas, or turboprops across Silicon Valley to LA, Denver, or Seattle—let us find you the best deals on empty legs in San Francisco, CA.

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